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Tuxedo Collection

The Tribeca collection is a modern take on a retro look, with updated appeal. Dark wood accents the slightly curved tight back sofa with designer fabrics. The sleek styling of the dark wood dining and bedroom add to the distinction of this upscale collection.

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This furniture collection includes all items in the "Basic Collection". Items can be added, removed or upgraded from this group to create your personalized collection. If you have made your selections and would like to view pricing before submitting into your request cart click "Collection Total". Continue making your selections, when you are happy with your collection select "Add to request cart".

Basic Collection: Included Items

Living Room Set
  $107 Sofa
  $62 Chair
  $19 Cocktail Table
  $12 End Table
  $19 Lamp
Grey Line Bedroom Set
  $57 Dresser
  $16 Mirror
  $22 Nightstand
  $56 Mattress Set
  $23 Lamp
Dining Set
  $10 Side Chair
  $32 Dining Table

Upgrade Collection / Add Matching Items

Living Room Set
  $107 Sofa, Marine Light Grey, Calais
  $96 Loveseat, Marine Light Grey, Calais
  $62 Chair, Marine Light Grey, Calais
  $19 Cocktail Table, Almost Black
  $12 End Table, Almost Black
  $18 TV Stand, Black/Silver
  $19 Lamp, Civo
Grey Line Bedroom Set
  $65 Bed, King, Grey
  $57 Dresser, Grey Line
  $16 Mirror, Grey Line
  $22 Nightstand, Grey Line
  $56 Mattress Set, Queen
  $23 Lamp, White
Home Office
  $45 Desk, Chocolate
  $43 Office Chair, Black Vinyl
  $24 File Cabinet, Chocolate

Housewares & Bedding
  $64 Kitchen Essentials, Serving 4
  $88 Bed Essentials, King, Classic Stripe White
  $75 Bed Essential, Queen, Queen, Classic Stripe White, Complete Box
  $75 Bed Essentials, Full, Classic Stripe White
  $65 Bed Essentials, Twin, Twin, Classic Stripe White, Complete Box
  $9 Bath Extras
  $18 Kitchen Extras, Additional 4 Servings
  $32 Bath Essentials
  $15 Cleaning Essentials Package
Dining Set
  $10 Side Chair, Black, Regal
  $32 Dining Table, White, Regal
  $11 Side Chair, White, Regal
Appliance Package
  $270 Washer
  $125 Dryer, Gas
  $100 Dryer, 110 Voltage
  $100 Dryer, 220 Voltage
  $137 Refrigerator, 17.5 cu.
  $17 Microwave
  $18 Vacuum Cleaner

  $32 Mattress Set, Twin
  $40 Mattress Set, Full
  $56 Mattress Set, Queen
  $78 Mattress Set, King
  $39 Tv, 32 Inch
  $65 Tv, 40 Inch
  $90 Tv, 50 Inch
  $18 Vacuum Cleaner

Collection Total:

Your Basic Collection Includes: 15 Items
Upgraded/Added Items: 0 Items
Total Items in this Collection: 15 Items

Prices per month based on a 6-month lease or longer. Shorter lease terms are available. Pricing and policies may vary by region. Excludes: delivery, security deposit, damage waiver, applicable taxes. Churchill will only accept orders with a total lease value of $1,400 or more.
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Total $465.00/mo
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